Today: Friday, 9th September 2016 first time in my life I delivered a Friday prayer khutbah (speech). I understand that my knowledge about islam is very limited and many people are better in understanding this religion than me. However, in this case I braced myself to give this khutbah because my friend, a Durham Islamic Society (DUISOC) committee, asked me to help him by giving a khutbah at the University Hospital of North Durham, close to the Keenan House-a place where most of Indonesian families in Durham live.

When I arrived, I was shocked because the prayer room is extremely small, perhaps only about 4×5 meters. However, it is a proper prayer room because it has an ablution/wudhu room (i.e. normally we should have wudhu at sink). This room probably only can accommodate about 30 people, maybe less. So, no wonder if this small group of Friday prayer needs a little help in finding more available khatib (speakers) for the Friday prayer. I hope more people are willing to give a khutbah here. Ameen.

In this occasion, I picked a topic about Eid Qurban because in the next few days (precisely on Monday) all Muslims in the world will celebrate Eid Qurban. I am sorry I can’t copy-paste my text on this blog because of technical problem, however you can download the pdf version of this speech here instead.

Hope this is useful and please kindly advise if there is any mistakes.

Fastabiqul khairat.



Friday. September 9, 2016.