This week, at least two political surveys published their latest research about Jakarta’s election. The first picture that I got is from Koran Tempo Magazine and the second one is from SMRC (Saiful Mujani Research Centre).

Lets first discuss SMRC’s findings first.

Picture 1: Ahok is leading compared to other candidates. However, this resarch was conducted from 1-9 October 2016 or before Ahok’s video about ‘defamation’ on Qur’an became viral. So, SMRC’s result is not really updated.


Picture 2 and 3: If we had second round, Ahok is still leading compared to either Agus or Anies.

Picture 4: This is the most interesting picture. Some interesting results:

  • First, nearly 40 per cent moslems (islam) respondents chose Ahok, despite the fact that many Indonesia’s islamic scholars (Ulama) argue that moslems are not allowed to choose non-moslem (e.g. Ahok) as their public leader.
  • Second, on the other hand, more than 95 per cent of Christian (Protestant) and Catholic (Katolik) respondents chose Ahok, while none chose neither Agus nor Anies, the rest of them is still undecided.
  • Third, based on ethnicity, Ahok is leading in almost tribes. He got extremely high votes from Batak-originally from North Sumatra (84 per cent), Chinese-Indonesians (71 per cent) and Java/Jawa (51 per cent).
  • Fourth, the only tribe that does not put Ahok at the first place is Minang/West Sumatra (my tribe hehe), he got only 32 per cent, while nearly half of Minang people chose Anies.


The latest picture is pretty similar with the survey published by Tempo Magazine:

Picture 5:

  • Ahok is leading in almost groups. Ahok lost at the young voters (less than 30 years old and less than 19 years old).
  • More than 83 per cent non-moslem (nonmuslim) repondents chose Ahok, while moslems were separated relatively equal to all candidates.



Picture 6:

  • Again, Ahok is leading in almost groups.
  • Ahok only lost at the well-educated voters (doing/having university degree). In this group, Anies (31 per cent) is leading than Ahok (26 per cent).


I have not got a really good and robust info about the Tempo Magazine edition. So, if you have the copy, please send the pictures/link of this edition. I would really appreciate that.

To conclude, pictures speak thousands words.


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